FairFriday is a Dutch language blog started by founders Anne and Elke. There is a lot going on in the Netherlands in regards to sustainable fashion, and this blog is a prime example where they talk about conscious shopping, their favourite brands as well as top sustainable resources across the web. Translated from their website "We went for what seemed impossible: affordable, fashionable clothing with an honest and sustainable story. And good news, after a long search we found many great brands that met all our requirements.".

The Style Cycle

The Style Cycle is founder Kat's sustainable home on the web where "sustainability meets style" and fortunately there are many sustainable brands these days that are extremely stylish. "My mission is to inspire and empower you to make mindful decisions when it comes to your wardrobe.". Kat lists a huge number of sustainable brands on her site, but also writes thrifting and DIY content to help you make full use of the clothes, and fabric, that you already have.

Good Maker Tales

Julie's Good Maker Tales is one of those resources that goes the extra mile to provide her reader's with information that you won't easily find anywhere else. She's got loads of interviews with founders of sustainable brands that you won't find anywhere else, brands such as Rapanui, Nudie Jeans and smaller ones that you may not have heard of yet - a fantastic resource for someone thinking about starting their own sustainable fashion brand. She also has guides on sustainable fabrics and other how to guides.